Adopt Me!

Name Little Foot (Bonded with brother Spike)
Type Cat
Breed Tabby
Gender Female
Age Baby
Color Orange / Red
Size Medium
Status adoptable
Attributes  Spayed Neutered    House Trained    Declawed    Special Needs    Shots Current  
Environment  Children    Dogs    Cats  
Meet Little Foot: The Ginger Tabby with a Heart Full of Fun!

Say hello to Little Foot, the spirited kitten who's bound to capture your heart with his playful nature, endless enthusiasm, and adorable antics!

Little Foot is always on high alert, ready to pounce on anything that scurries. Mice, toy mice, or even imaginary ones—nothing can escape his lightning-fast reflexes and cunning tactics.

Treat time is her favorite time! Whether it's a delectable fish-flavored treat or a mouthwatering nibble, she'll be at your side, eagerly awaiting her well-deserved snack.

Little Foot knows the importance of a good nap. With his cozy little bed or a warm lap to snuggle in, she'll drift off into dreamland, completely at peace.

Little Foot's BFF is none other than Spike, her partner in crime and partner in fun! Together, they form an unstoppable duo, exploring every nook and cranny, and creating mischief wherever they go.