Adopted - Not Available

Name Anouk (Brother to Gigi)
Type Cat
Breed Russian Blue
Gender Female
Age Baby
Size Medium
Status adopted
Attributes  Spayed Neutered    House Trained    Declawed    Special Needs    Shots Current  
Environment  Children    Dogs    Cats  
Meet Anouk, the Enchanting Russian Blue Kitten!

Anouk is a delightful bundle of feline energy and charm. This playful little one never misses a chance to entertain and amaze with her acrobatic antics. From zooming through the room to executing graceful leaps, she's a true acrobat!

Affectionate and snuggly, Anouk adores being in the company of her human friends, cherishing every moment of cuddle time. Her clever mind and fearless spirit make her an adventurous explorer, fearlessly taking on new challenges.

Confident around new dogs, Anouk effortlessly befriends her canine companions, forming lasting bonds with ease. Independent and strong-willed, she takes great pride in her excellent hygiene and always keeps herself perfectly groomed.

She's a master biscuit maker, kneading away with her paws while purring contentedly in your lap. With a hunter's instinct, she'll playfully carry her toys around, growling playfully if anyone tries to take them away.

But don't let her tough exterior fool you; underneath, she has a heart of gold, eagerly seeking love and attention. Anouk is truly a one-of-a-kind feline companion, ready to bring joy, laughter, and love into your home. She would love to be adopted with her sister GiGi

With her playful spirit and affectionate nature, she'll light up your life and make every day an adventure. Don't miss the chance to welcome this little wonder into your family and experience the magic of Anouk! #EnchantingAnouk #RussianBlueLove #PlayfulPurrfection #ConfidentWithDogs #AdoptMeow