Gender: Male
Breed: Yorkie-Chihuahua mix
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 13 lbs


A good samaritan witnessed my buddy Carlos and I being dumped out of a vehicle alongside a rural road. We aren't sure what we did to upset our owners. We are really good dogs and are so sweet and loving. I really love affection, being held and want to kiss my humans. I'll be your little shadow, wanting to be close to you whenever I can be! I love belly rubs and love rough housing with other dogs.  I am currently fostered with big dogs and I wear them out because I can run faster! I’m a confident, fearless little guy who loves to play and who likes the excitement of a good chase!  I will be your most loyal best friend.

From the Foster:

We like to call him Rambo. He's small but fearless. Very energetic and loves to run. He keeps up with the big dogs and engages in full on play, down to heel nipping.

Charlie would benefit from an active person or family, who would be willing to take him on active walks. He will do well as a second dog as long as some boundaries are set for all.

We are working on taming his energetic nature and creating discipline around outings, play and feeding. It would benefit him to continue that training.

His favorite place is near his person, or on their lap. This may be ok if Charlie is the only dog, however he can get a little protective or jealous. This behavior is easily corrected through training.

In a nutshell, Charlie is extremely intelligent, very quick to pick up on things, sometime stubborn and full of energy, who loves to slumber next to his person.

More Pictures: