OUR 2019 GOAL: To Save 300 Shelter Pets from Euthanasia  

2019 started off with many unplanned rescue adventures, including rescuing 7 puppies off the side of a busy a highway in rural Oklahoma. This story is all too common in rural areas, which are common dumping grounds for unwanted animals.   And with over 2.7 million shelter animals are euthanized in the US each year, it is our ultimate goal is for New Hope to save thousands, not hundreds, of animals.  But we can not reach this goal without your help.   We provide animals with foster homes, medical care and training needed to be adoption ready.  

OUR 2020 GOAL:  Reduce Shelter Overcrowding

Each one of us has the power to reduce shelter overcrowding if we are aware of the simple actions we can take.  With funding, we can create an online marketing platform to reach a nationwide audience.  Arming people with knowledge and simple calls to action are key to reducing shelter overcrowding.  

OUR 2021 GOAL: Establish a Family Retention Program

People face short and long term set-backs, sometimes forcing them to make gut-wrenching decisions about surrendering their beloved pets.  Wherever possible, New Hope would like to provide temporary housing, boarding or even vet care for those in unfortunate circumstances.  It's a bold goal, but with help, we can keep families and pets together!  We have already helped several families without a formal program.