Gender: Female
Breed: Pit Bull
Age: 1 years old
Weight: 58 lbs


Papaya, the wiggly snuggle bug with a heart full of love. At just around a year old, Papaya is a playful and goofy pup and ready for fun! She adores meeting new people and can't wait to shower them with affection, but in the video below, Papaya learns quickly to sit calmly next to her human and watch her human for cues so she can get yummy treats.

Papaya's intelligence shines through as she quickly grasps new concepts. She would love to go to a home where she can continue to build her skills - she is super smart,  treat motivated and eager to please!

With her crate and potty training already mastered, Papaya is a well-behaved companion.  While she remains calm on a leash when encounters other dogs, she does get excited about seeing squirrels.

Mealtimes become a delightful adventure when Papaya gets to eat from her interactive toy, showcasing her love for engaging activities. Her fun-loving nature and entertaining antics will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Papaya thrives as the only pet in the household, as she's still learning how to share her home space with other dogs but is calm when she sees dogs on walks. This will allow her to shine and receive all the attention she deserves, and we promise, she will make you feel so loved in return!

Papaya was rescued within an hour of being euthanized at a shelter through no fault of her own. Welcoming Papaya into your family means embracing a furry friend who will forever appreciate the second chance at life.

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