Adopted - Not Available

Name Dallas (Bonded with Spud)
Type Cat
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Gender Male
Age Senior
Size Medium
Status adopted
Attributes  Spayed Neutered    House Trained    Declawed    Special Needs    Shots Current  
Environment  Children    Dogs    Cats  
Dallas is a very interesting cat! He is 13 years young and has lived his entire life outside on the streets. In the last year he got sick and he really needed help. Now he has fully adapted to his new indoor life and he is living it up. He prefers drinking water from a fountain, he expects his wet food to accompany his dry crunchies at least twice a day. He does not like other cats or dogs and prefers to live in solitude but he can cohabitate with other pets as long he has his own space. He likes to lay in the middle of your/ HIS bed. You will typically find him sprawled out like a beached whale soaking up some vitamin D in a sun beam. He is a crazy goof ball, He loves to play, he will wait by the door and jump out to grab your feet when you walk by. He chases his own tail often. He loves toys; string, jingle balls, laser pens, etc. He likes to wrestle and roughhouse with you, hard. He loves that more than anything. He will bite when wrestling but not enough to hurt you -he knows the difference when he’s playing. What we love about Dallas most is how funny he is. He is a drama queen, but also just a simple fat boy who wants extra food and a soft bed. Dallas is not a good pet for kids or anyone who doesn’t like to wrestle/ play fight with their cat. He does get carried away sometimes and gets rough but he has never meant it out of aggression.

Two months ago we took in a 6 week old sweet little potato, she had no siblings to play with we introduced her to Dallas and they have become the best of friends. She has a lot of energy so we don’t keep them together all the time, But Dallas waits outside the door and calls to her. When we let her out she immediately beams towards him and they wrestle and play hide and seek. He’s very gentle with her and sometimes acts like she’s annoying him but them he”ll instigate another wrestling match. Dallas has a friend for the first time in his life so would be amazing if Dallas and Spud found a home together


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