Bringing your foster cat home

It is such an exciting moment when you get your foster cat out of the shelter and into the comfort of your home; however, this can also be a stressful time for your foster cat. In this short class, you will learn how to set up your home in a way that creates a safe space for your foster cat and how to assist your foster cat in acclimating to their new environment once you bring them home.

How to Care for a Bottle Baby Kitten

Need a quick tutorial on kitten care? In this super-short video, I show you how to stimulate, feed, and weigh kittens, and talk about how to set your kitten care schedule!


Bringing your shy foster dog home

Fostering a shy dog can be an extremely rewarding experience; however, often foster families can become frustrated while fostering a shy dog. This frustration can often stem from a lack of understanding how best to handle and interact with a shy dog to help them feel comfortable within the home and begin to bond with the foster family.T o help start a foster family of a shy dog get off on the right foot, or paw, this short video aims to provide helpful tips and procedures for bringing your shy foster dog to your house for the very first time.

Helping Your Foster Dog be Comfortable Home Alone

Going to a foster home is a great experience for homeless dogs. The foster family provides a comfortable, loving environment while these dogs await their forever home. Occasionally, despite a foster caregiver's best efforts to ensure their new foster dog is comfortable in their home, some dogs can become stressed when being left home alone even to point of becoming destructive. In this short video you will learn some tips on how to best prevent your foster dog from feeling anxious when they are left home alone.

Introducing Your Shy Foster Dog to Strangers in Your Home

Having a shy foster dog doesn't mean you can't have people over to your house. In fact, having people visit your house in a controlled setting can actually help your shy foster dog. The goal is to make the experience for both your guest and your shy foster dog as pleasant as possible. The better the experience for your shy foster dog the more comfortable they will be the next time it happens. In this short video you will learn some helpful tools and techniques to make your shy foster dogs interactions with new people a good experience instead of something to fear.