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The Importance of Vaccinations for Your Pet’s Health: A Guide for Dog and Cat Owners

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The 3-3-3 Rule of Adopting a Rescue Dog
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The 3-3-3 Rule of Adopting a Rescue Dog

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How to Safely Meet a New Dog: A Guide for Dog Lovers and Rescue Advocates
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How to Safely Meet a New Dog: A Guide for Dog Lovers and Rescue Advocates

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We are so grateful to all the adopters, volunteer fosters, adoption volunteers and donors for helping us make the days little brighter and caring about the lives of these animals! Through this effort, these guys found their true loving families, which would otherwise be not possible. But there are countless more everyday that need our help, and we will continue to fight for them and give hope to the voiceless.

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New Hope Animal Rescue, NFP is an accredited 501c3, focused on Animal Rescue Through Fostering and Adoption

We are a fully accredited 501c3 nonprofit organization, created to help save the lives of dogs and cats who are at risk of euthanasia. We save the discarded, the lost and the unwanted and we can't do it without your help!

We are not a shelter. All of our rescues are cared for by fosters and volunteers. We provide them with the medical care they need so they can find their forever homes.

Click to find out more about NHAR, our mission and our cause. Be sure to review our FAQs as well.

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