Adopted - Not Available

Name Teddy
Type Cat
Breed Persian
Gender Male
Age Adult
Color Black
Size Medium
Status adopted
Attributes  Spayed Neutered    House Trained    Declawed    Special Needs    Shots Current  
Environment  Children    Dogs    Cats  
Meet Teddy, the dashing black Persian cat with a tale as unique as his long legs. Rescued from the clutches of an inhumane and illegal breeder, Teddy's journey to a brighter life began when he found his forever home.

Teddy, with his striking Persian features and sleek black fur, is quite the character. He's the only one in his foster home who proudly sports "normal" legs, making him the tall-legged ambassador among his Munchkin cat pals. It's as if he's the one saying, "Why should I be self-conscious? I'm the tall, dark, and handsome one here!"

Despite the genetic quirks of his Munchkin friends, Teddy's outgoing and adventurous spirit knows no bounds. He effortlessly befriends cats of all leg lengths and humans alike. His affectionate nature shines through in every interaction, proving that he's just as wonderful as any Munchkin, regardless of leg size.

This happy, good boy has a heart of gold. Teddy is incredibly friendly and gets along with other cats effortlessly. He's naturally curious, always ready to explore and discover new things. When he's not on one of his adventures, he's a cuddly companion who adores being pet and enjoys spending quality time with his humans.

Teddy is the kind of cat who doesn't mind being held; he's a true cuddle bug. He'll follow you around, making sure he's never far from your side. His affectionate nature shines through in every interaction, and he's always eager to be a part of your daily activities.

A born explorer, Teddy is happiest when he's on the move, investigating every nook and cranny of his environment. His playful spirit comes alive as he pounces on toys and engages in delightful games.

Teddy's love for his humans is evident, and he's the perfect companion for anyone looking for a sweet and friendly feline friend. His journey from a troubled past to a loving home is a testament to his resilience and capacity for love. As a beloved member of your family, Teddy is ready to embark on new adventures and share a lifetime of joy and companionship with you, all while celebrating his unique and utterly charming personality, tall stature and all!


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