Gender: Male
Breed: Yorkie
Age: 2.5 years
Weight:  9 lbs


Get ready to fall in love with handsome Bentley! This outgoing yorkie is just 2.5 years young, and loves everyone he meets! Bentley has his whole life ahead of him for you to train him to be a great dog. He walks well on a leash and is a smart boy who seems to know some tricks! He will spin around in circles when he knows he's about to get food. He seems accustomed to grooming and getting baths.  He sleeps well in his crate over night after a few minutes of letting you know he'd rather be by your side. Bentley loves his chew toys and snufflle mats as they seem to calm him and loves being near his human companions. He is down for cuddle sessions even when you aren't and other times he'll sit behind you on the couch like a kitty cat. He currently gets along well with the dogs in his foster home but he has mixed reviews with cats. He does ok with them much of the time but on days where he might be under stimulated or bored, he will become more fixated and chase. Bentley is a very smart, energetic dog so his ideal adopter will make sure he gets regular daily exercise and has fun toys to engage his mind. HIs ideal adopter will be willing to train him as well. Recently neutered, he still needs guidance on not marking the house. He would love to learn some new tricks too! He loves doing yard zoomies at full speed in his foster's yard but daily walks will also be important for this little guy. He would likely do best in a single family home with a secure fence.