Hope For Distemper Dogs

If you or anyone you know has a pet facing Distemper, please share that there is hope! 

Message from Westheimer Animal Clinic, Bellaire:  

We are Westheimer Animal Clinic, Bellaire. We are a full service veterinary clinic (internal medicine and surgery) and have been doing a 3 year study on Canine Distemper. Our page is full of our daily life at the clinic and cases that we see and treat. You should give it a look!

We are trying to raise awareness about Canine Distemper. THERE IS A CURE!!! We are one of the few veterinary clinics in the United States that are ACTUALLY treating Canine Distemper. We are working with The University of Wisconsin Veterinary School, and have had great success with our treatment. Phase one of the disease mimics an upper respiratory disease or kennel cough. We have a serum, that when given in phase one, has a 90% CURE rate. The serum is called NDV SERUM. It is derived from the Newcastle Disease Vaccine given to a donor dog. Three subcutaneous injections are given twelve hours apart. Reports from our clients almost always show a dramatic improvement; most often after the 2nd or 3rd injection. Of course, it isn’t 100% effective. But it is very effective.

When the disease reaches phase two (twitching, myoclonus movements), we perform a spinal tap and inject the NDV vaccine directly into the cerebrospinal fluid. We have about a 60% success rate with that method if the virus progresses to that point. The main thing to remember is we want to prevent this disease before it becomes neurologic. If you rescued a dog, especially from a shelter that might possibly have canine distemper you might want to consider using the NDV Serum.

We would have to examine your pet, or your veterinarian can call us and request the NDV Serum. We routinely ship serum to other veterinarians all over the United States. We would like other vets to give the NDV Serum a chance, because IT DOES WORK 90% OF THE TIME. We are all striving for the same thing and that is to save lives. IF AT ALL INTERESTED YOU CAN PHONE THE CLINIC AND ASK TO TALK TO DR. HUDDLESTON. HE IS THE CLINIC DIRECTOR AND ADVOCATE FOR ALL DOGS THAT HAVE CANINE DISTEMPER. 713-622-1270.

Thanks for reading!

In the pictures; New Hope Animal Rescue's Heath (a rescue pup) is receiving the NDV vaccine through a spinal tap performed by Dr. Huddleston on April 5, 2023. Heath was not vaccinated at the shelter she entered.  They had a distemper outbreak and she was exposed for over a week. At only 5 months old, she was at grave risk of distemper being fatal. We believe she is still alive today thanks to Dr. Huddleston's distemper serum that we administered immediately after she entered our rescue.