Brutus – ADOPTED


Sex: Male
Possible Breed: Chi/Dachshund mix
Age: 3 months
Weight: tbd lbs

Note about the breed: The indicated breed is our best guess estimate based on visual characteristics, but without a DNA test, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, mixed-breed dogs, lovingly known as mutts, encompass a wonderful variety of traits and are often some of the most cherished and lovable companions.


Brutus may be laid back, but when it's playtime, he's all in! With boundless energy and an infectious enthusiasm, he transforms into a playful dynamo. His favorite game? Chasing after toys with gusto, his tail wagging wildly with excitement. He'll romp around, inviting his siblings to join in the fun, initiating playful bouts of tag and tug-of-war. His joy is palpable as he pounces on squeaky toys and rolls around in gleeful abandon. Yet, amidst his playfulness, he never forgets his gentle nature, always ready to share a warm cuddle or offer his belly for a soothing rub.

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