Gender: Male
Breed: Yorkie
Age: 10 years
Weight:  8 lbs


While Maxie is an older pup, he is still puppy at heart in many ways and loves to do zoomies around the house. This little nugget can spring up onto the couch and bed and he loves to be near you and in your lap.

Sweet Maxie has been pretty neglected his whole life so he’s learning to do all the doggie things for the first time like walking on a leash, going to the dog park, socializing with other dogs and cats, and learning to potty outside. It’s been a lot of firsts for Maxie.

Maxie has an adorable side tongue because e had to have all of his teeth removed but he eats soft food and treats just fine.

He has a pretty common oily skin condition that requires special shampoo baths.

He gets along with cats and dogs but will probably be suited best in a house with older mellow pets.

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