Gender: Male
Breed: Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd/American Bulldog/Plott Hound
Age: Born Dec 2 2019
Weight: 33 lb (80-90lb full grown)



Meet Thor! He and his 8 siblings were born in foster care after their mom was rescued from a kill shelter. All the pups were adopted, including Thor, but sadly he just lost his what he thought would be his forever home. His prior adopter could not stress enough that this was not Thor’s fault and wanted his new family to know how great he is, so she personally wrote his biography so that he could find the best home possible:

Thor! A gentleman as regal and silly as his name. He’s a handsome, 15 week Great Pyrenees/Plott Hound mix. His favorite things are playing with other dogs (any size!), chewing on a bully stick, and working on his training.

He’s incredibly smart and eager to please, but also independent and curious. In his puppy class, he was always the teachers pet and the first one to complete a command. He loves puzzles with smelly treats, snuggling on the couch after a fun day, and sniffing around outside. He’s well-socialized and well-mannered. He handles personal space well, does great on the leash, and loves meeting new people. (Everyone stops to greet him. How could you not love that face and those spots?)

He’s roughly 33 pounds now, with the expectation that he’ll be in the 80-90 pound range. He gets tired relatively quickly and runs clumsily in the dog park because he’s still growing into his giant paws.

As for noise level, he rarely barks or cries. He doesn’t cry in his crate and he sleeps through the night in it. We recommend that he continue to be crated, due to his curiosity level. He will chase bugs and butterflies, but also potentially the cat.

He was born in foster care with his 8 siblings and lived as a single dog, with a cat roommate from 12-15 weeks. He was surrendered through not fault or shortcoming of his own, but of his owner’s.

He’s up-to-date on all of his shots and is neutered and microchipped. He is good with baths and having his nails trimmed. He’ll come home with you with all of his toys and necessary supplies (crate, favorite food, chews, blankets).