Gender: Female
Breed: Breed: Mixed [Pyr, chow, shepherd]
Age: DOB 2-13-22
Est Adult Weight: 45-60 lbs


Tippet, named after an Ewok, is affectionately called “No Tippy Toes Tippet” because she is missing toes on her rear paws but she doesn’t let this unique characteristic slow her down! Tippet loves to strike an adorable pose and thrives on your affection. Her coat is a beautiful chocolate color and she gives the sweetest little hugs and kisses. Tippet and her 3 siblings were found abandoned on the side of the road at just 2 weeks of age, but despite this rough start in life, they are thriving in foster care.

Note that we do not know with certainty this litter’s breed mix. We see characteristics of Chow, Great Pyrenees, Shepherds and possibly heeler.

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