Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 2 years
Weight:  8 lbs


Wendy is a sensitive girl who will need some time to learn you are her friend and protector. But it has not taken long for her to blossom in her foster home and show off her goofy and spunky personality.  Wendy’s prior mom got too sick to care for her and her father, openly admitted to “ drop kicking” her and kicking her “several feet away in the air".  So it’s understandable this tiny, fragile girl needs a little time and space to warm up when meeting unfamiliar faces.  But Wendy is starting to show us her  bold and goofy side, stealing bones from her much larger foster sibling and confidently trotting around the house showing off her stolen treasure. She’ll also sneak bites of her foster dad's pizza. It just shows us she is starting to understand that her days of being mistreated are over but it will take time.

Wendy will flourish with an adopter who can lover her on her own terms and can give her space to feel safe and build her confidence. She’ll be happiest in a calm, adult household with dogs either the same size or larger than her or in a home where she can shine as your only pet.  She will be a great companion for someone who enjoys watching a dog transform and trust again.

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