Cobie – Adopted


Gender: Female
Breed: Poodle mix
Age: 18 months old
Weight:  15 lbs


Cobie is so sweet and eager to please you. A sensitive girl, if you raise your voice, she'll instantly come running to you and will seek a hug to you to make sure she still has your approval. Cobie is fostered with dogs and cats and does great with other pets in her foster home. She recently weaned her 5 puppies and now she is enjoying being a playful pup herself. She will often fling a cat toy into the air and pounce it just like her cat friends do. She can keep herself entertained with toys but loves to be at your feet or by your side. Cobie loves walks and playing with other dogs. She's approximately 16 lbs and our vet thinks she's a young dog, possibly 18 months or younger. Cobie's most annoying yet totally endearing habit? She'll sometimes paw at your face when she's excited [keep those nails trimmed!]. She will also definitely let you know if someone is outside your window or at the door.

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