Gender: Female
Breed: Sheperd/Pyr/Cattle dog mix
Age: 13 months old
Weight: 55 lbs


Looking for a total love bug who’s down to cuddle and eager to please? Indi might be the gal for you! After play time at a dog park or a good walk, she will plop down next to you and cuddle with you all day. She has the most adorable smile and will rub up against your legs to invite you to pet her.

Indi is also very crate trained and house trained. She is accustomed to being crated 4-6 hours at a time and in the evening. She does get excited when she sees other dogs on walks but just wants to say hello and currently frequents a dog park and lives with another dog.

And Indi knows some tricks! Her foster has taught her sit, down, settle, leave it, ok (for food, anything on the ground and treats from hand), permission to leave the car, sit at crosswalk, sit a doors, guard (in between legs), circle (Around walker).

Indi’s ideal owner will enjoy an affectionate pet and will be willing to take her on walks or to parks for play time and reinforce leash manners. Once she has a dose of exercise and mental stimulation, she’s definitely down to Netflix and chill and share some popcorn she enjoys catching in the air.

Interested in meeting Indi? Please apply here. Her sibling was DNA tested and we are happy to share the results

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