Gender: Male
Breed: Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog
Age: est dob Jan 27, 2023
Weight: TBD lbs


Duncan is a handsome puppy with stunning blue eyes! He's a typical loving, energetic puppy who loves playing with other dogs.

All puppies need a dedicated and patient owner that is willing to be consistent and put in the work to train but this is especially important for heelers like Duncan. Heelers are best suited for owners who have time to dedicate to their needs, providing  sufficient exercise and mental stimulation along with firm boundaries and leadership. Due to their intelligence, they are quick learners but also can have an independent spirit which can make them harder to train.  Heelers love the outdoors so access to an outside area like a secure fenced yard is ideal for Duncan.

We recommend Duncan for homes with adults or adults and teenagers just due to his sharp puppy teeth.

More information on what heelers require, please see Australian Cattle Dog First Time Owner.

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