Gender: Female

Breed: Pit Bull
Age: 9 months
Weight: 39lbs


If you're searching for a conveniently sized bundle of happiness, look no further than Minnie! At 9 months old, this sweet girl weighs in at 39 lbs, making her the perfect companion for those seeking a dog that's not too small and not too big.

Minnie has seamlessly integrated into homes with children, cats, and other dogs. Minnie's friendly and adaptable personality ensures she gets along wonderfully with everyone she meets.

Despite her compact stature, Minnie's heart is overflowing with love and affection. She's ready to bring joy, laughter, and endless cuddles to your life, making her the perfect addition to any loving family.

Minnie is not only a sweetheart but also a treat-motivated and smart girl, making her a joy to train. She quickly mastered the command of "sit" and is eager to learn more. When she's not busy impressing you with her newfound skills, she loves to chew on dog bones and toys, as well as zoom around in a yard, embracing her playful side. Additionally, Minnie has a keen eye for fashion and enjoys the occasional dress-up session, adding an extra dash of style to her already charming personality.

In addition to being house trained and crate trained, Minnie is an active and playful companion, always ready for fun and adventure. While she may get a bit excited when meeting new friends and give them warm hugs, she is still fine-tuning her basic manners and would thrive with continued training in her new home.

What truly sets Minnie apart is her incredible sweetness and her talent for giving the tightest cuddles. When you're in need of some serious snuggle time, Minnie will embrace you tightly, creating heartwarming moments that will make your heart melt.

With her energy and enthusiasm, Minnie is the perfect match for an active adopter. Whether you enjoy running, jogging, or playing fetch, she will be your dedicated partner, always ready for any adventure that comes her way. Moreover, she would be absolutely thrilled to have playful doggy friends to share her days with, adding even more joy to her life.


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