L’ll Nonna – Adopted


Gender: Female
Breed: Pocket Pittie
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 25 lbs


L’Il Nonna is the tiniest itty bitty pitty we have ever seen!  She really aims to please her human and will look to you for guidance and approval so she will be so easy to train!

Her love languages are quality time with her human and she is very food motivated. For toys, she likes to collect them one by one and carefully arrange them in her dog bed more than actually play with them but she enjoys chewing on busy bones.

She is currently fostered with dogs big and small and does great with them! She sees cats as her frenemies.  She is easy to redirect if she gets too focused on them but can co-exist with kitties as long and there is some supervision.

She loves to sit on your lap or by your side as you watch Netflix. She likes stay close and be a part of your activities so you will have an audience as you shower if you forget to shut the bathroom door.

She is accustomed to being crated but can vocalize a little when she first goes in the crate but eventually settles down. She is not destructive at all - she is currently only crated due to needing supervision around her kitty frenemies.

L’il Nonna seriously looks like someone took a pit bull and shrunk her down to puppy size. She is truly a unique girl! While she was born with a serious expression on her face, she will show you she is actually a playful, sweet goof once she feels safe.  She is very house trained and seems to do well on a leash.

L’Il Nonna is listed as “coming soon” because she came to us from a shelter with a distemper outbreak and she was going to be euthanized immediately due to having a cough. We couldn’t let that happen to this itty bitty sweet girl.  She is currently doing great but we need to monitor her a little longer before she is adopted.  Check back soon!