Gender: Female
Breed: Heeler Mix
Age: 1 year old
Weight: 45 lbs


Roxy is an amazing, sweet dog who is ready for a home! She has adorable habits like booping your hand with her nose as you pass her to seek out some affection. She was a super sweet mom to her puppies and now that they are weaned, she is remembering she’s almost just a puppy herself.She is very gentle when asking for attention and will put her head in your lap if you are sitting. She likes to collect shoes and socks but doesn't destroy them (most of the time).

She LOVES playing with her pups Pope and JJ and would benefit from a playmate. She gets along great with all her foster’s dogs and is very respectful of the old grumpy ones. She would love lots of fun chew toys so she’s not tempted to chew on wood or books.

She is very smart and will become an excellent dog with training and reinforcement of good behaviors.  She does not get in trash or counter surf even though she is tall enough to do both.

Roxy and her newborn puppies were brought to a local kill shelter in the back of a pick up truck. She was covered fifth and fleas and sadly, 3 of her puppies did not survive. Despite this, she is such a sweet dog and just needs an owner who will help her acclimate to things like car rides since she really only had that one terrifying ride to the shelter and a few car rides to the vet.

Roxy is a heeler mix which means she needs an active family who is also wiling to put in the time to make her a super star! Roxy avoids interacting with kids so would probably be happiest in a home with adults or adults and teenagers.   But she loves meeting most new people overall and did great at the vet!