Gender: Female
Breed: Maltese Mix
Age: Over 10.5 years old
Weight:  13 lbs


My name is Lovely and my mom died, and her family couldn’t keep me. I’m thankful that New Hope took me in so I did not have to go to a shelter.

Please understand I was originally rescued from an abused home so I am afraid of loud noises and while I’m very sweet, I can be skittish. I love snuggling next to you on the couch or in your lap. I love giving small kisses and sleeping on your chest.

My foster mom says I prance around the yard and that I seem potty trained. I like to find small places to feel safe, like a laundry basket, but I don’t really enjoy crates. I avoid dog beds, opting for human pillows instead.

I co-exist fine with other dogs peacefully but I’m also not super interested in them, so I’m probably not a playmate for other pups in your house. However, attention from other dogs doesn’t seem to bother me. My foster has not heard me growl at all.

I like to stay near my human and will keep you company while you are gardening or cleaning the house. I’m always curious what you are up to!

My foster describes me as a chill, calm dog. I’m not super interested in toys or treats but I do love belly rubs!

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