Gender: Male
Breed: Shephard mix
Age: 2 years old
Weight: 70 lbs


Sam is a gentle boy who loves to be loved. This is a dog who is happy to be hugged and will lean into you for more when you pet him. He’s amazing with all other dogs, even the cranky ones. If a dog snips at him, he just looks away and doesn’t want to engage. He’s shown curious interest in cats encountered on walks but hasn’t tried to chase them.

Sam is house trained and quickly learned to use a dog door. He settles calmly in a crate, but he does want to be able to sleep in the bedroom with you at night and not be alone. He’s fine being left home alone and hasn’t tried to chew on or mess with anything in his foster home. He can get a little excited when you come home and may try to jump, but he’s working on learning to sit down instead. He walks easily on a leash and is learning to walk next to his person instead of going ahead, but he never pulls. He’s very sensitive to leash pressure so he should only have a martingale or flat collar. He loves to be able to hang out in a yard, but always needs to have a way back in so he knows he hasn’t been shut out from the family he so wants to be part of.

Sam is a really special boy who just wants a family who will snuggle with him, take him on fun walks, and let him be where they are. He will shower you with so much love in return.

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