Gender: Male
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 4 year old
Weight: 15 lbs


Meet Peanut, the perfect companion for a loving family! This 4-year-old mixed breed boy weighs a delightful 15 pounds and has a heart full of love to share.

Peanut is already potty trained and crate trained, making him an easy addition to your home. He gets along wonderfully with other dogs and cats, showcasing his friendly and social nature. When it comes to people, Peanut is an absolute sweetheart, always eager to make new friends.

Not only is Peanut excellent on leash, but he's also highly obedient, making walks a joyous experience. While he generally has a low-key and laid-back demeanor, he still enjoys playful moments with balls, plushies, and furry companions.

When it comes to affection, Peanut is a champion cuddler. Whether he's snuggling on your lap or nestling in bed, he loves nothing more than being close to his human. His favorite sleeping spot is next to his foster mom, and he thoroughly enjoys receiving gentle pets and cuddles.

While Peanut is great and highly adoptable, it's worth noting that he might appreciate the company of other furry friends. As an only pet, he might feel a bit lonely and would thrive in a home where he can have animal companionship.

If you're searching for a loving and cuddly companion to complete your family, look no further than Peanut. Give him the love and care he deserves, and he'll reward you with a lifetime of joy and snuggles. Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome this lovable boy into your home!

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