Gender: Female
Breed: Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Mix [DNA test confirmed]
Age: 3 year old
Weight: 87 lbs


Prepare to be enchanted by Zelda, a stunning and graceful girl with an irresistible charm. According to a DNA test, she is a captivating mix of Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd, showcasing the best of both breeds.

Born on a farm and faced with surrender not once, but twice, due to separation anxiety, Zelda has finally found solace in a foster home under the care of an experienced guardian breed owner, foster, and trainer. Together, they have established a wonderful routine that suits Zelda's needs perfectly. One key ingredient to her happiness is the presence of another stable dog as her constant companion. Zelda has formed an unbreakable bond with Olive (also available for adoption), and they share every moment together.

While Zelda may occasionally indulge in early morning zoomie bursts, she prefers to spend the rest of her day indulging in serene snoozes in her crate or lounging on the couch. She entertains herself with a Benebone, and since settling into her foster home, she has shown no signs of destructive behavior outside of her designated space.

Zelda possesses a striking beauty with her lovely eyes and sleek, leggy physique. Her sweet nature knows no bounds, and she adores the company of people. However, she is not meant to be a solo girl. Zelda finds true joy in the company of her furry companions, including cats! And let's not forget the heart-melting sight of her cozied up with her giant stuffed unicorn. It's a picture-perfect moment that must be witnessed firsthand to truly appreciate.