Belle -Hospice


Gender: Female
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Age: 15 years old
Weight:  12.8 lbs


Medical update: Belle is unfortunately in heart failure that is progressing so we have updated her status to hospice.

Belle is a character. At 15 this petite little girl is happy to spend most of the day just snoozing on a comfy dog bed or in a laundry basket full of clothes. At meal time she will run to her bowl and jump with excitement, and if she’s awake she can’t wait to zip outside when the door opens. She loves to go for walks, but does just fine getting out to a yard to do her business and sniff around. She is fully house trained and has never had an accident in her foster home. She navigates her way around wonderfully despite being mostly deaf and partially blind.

When she’s happy and excited she’ll spin in a circle like she’s doing a little dance, and she loves to sit in your lap and give you little kisses, but after a while she’s ready to be down doing her own thing. She’s mostly a very easy keeper, but when she wants something, she will bark. She will know when you’re getting her food ready and she’ll bark until she knows you’re bringing it to her. If she’s downstairs and you’re upstairs and she wants to join you, she’ll bark until you come get her as she doesn’t like to do stairs. Ditto if she’s upstairs and wants to go downstairs. But she sleeps through the night so it’s not a big issue.

Belle does fine with other dogs of all sizes. She mostly ignores them, but she also won’t take any guff. If they try to push her around she’ll let them know that’s not ok. She’s delicate and has some arthritis so a home with adults or older kids would be best as younger kids can be rough with little dogs and she’s fragile.

If you’re looking for a sweet, happy, little girl to keep you company and make you smile with her cute little ways, Belle could be your girl.