Gender: Female
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Age: 13.5 years old
Weight:  12.8 lbs


Belle isn’t your typical golden girl!  At 13 1/2, she’s still a spry, and spunky girl and has gone for two mile walks without tiring out despite her age-related arthritis. Terriers love life, adventure and physical activity.  So even at Belle’s age, she needs regular exercise so she can release her energy, so lots of walks are must. Don’t just  put this baby in a corner expecting her to snooze until you decide it’s cuddle time because Belle ain’t having’ it! If she gets restless, a good walk with some sniffing time usually does the trick. But don’t worry, she will let you know if she is under stimulated with some of her goofy vocalizations.  She is very smart and food motivated and enjoys a good treasure hunt! A sweet girl who mostly gets along with cats, she can still be tenacious if she thinks they are getting in the way of something she really wants [so far all bark & no bite] and won’t hesitate to sit on top of them if they are in her favorite bed. This girl knows what she wants and doesn’t let things like invading another pets personal space stop her.  We love Belle! She gives sweet little kisses, enjoys lap time but due to arthritis, must always be gently handled (no small kids please).  She would make a great pet for an owner active enough to provide daily exercise and mental stimulation. She is a fearless girl who loves to explore the world and would love to join you on all your adventures big and small!