Gender: Female
Breed: Husky
Age: 2.5 year old
Weight: 61 lbs


Introducing Olive, the extraordinary husky mix with a heart of gold. This special girl and her family were rescued when she was just 5 weeks old, all with severe facial injuries that required surgery. Despite the challenges, Olive handled it all with incredible resilience and strength.

Although she was adopted, unforeseen life changes led Olive to return to rescue, purely due to circumstances beyond her control. Now three years old, Olive has reached the perfect age. She has outgrown the puppy phase, meaning no more chewing mishaps, and has blossomed into a wonderful companion.

Olive is a social butterfly who gets along well with other dogs and was raised with kids. She has mastered crate training and is fully house trained. While she continues to work on her leash skills, she shows improvement every day, demonstrating her eagerness to learn and please.

Despite her husky-like appearance, Olive possesses a calm and laid-back demeanor that surprises many. Her serene nature can be attributed to her mix of other cool breeds, notably Great Pyrenees, which is evident when you meet her and experience her gentle personality.

When it comes to her favorite activities, Olive enjoys sleeping upside down in her crate, basking in the sun even on scorching days, and cozying up on the couch for a snooze. She occasionally bursts into short zoomies, followed by a quick lap snuggle where she showers you with chin licks and cuddles. And, of course, she absolutely adores double action ear rubs!

Olive has formed a close bond with her foster sister, another Pyrenees mix named Zelda. They make a remarkable pair, and it would be a dream come true to see them find a forever home together. Olive's presence helps alleviate her foster sister's separation anxiety, and they are inseparable when exploring or investigating new scents.

As a bonus, Olive is currently fostered with a trainer who is offering their expertise in adoption adjustment, decompression, and ongoing training support for families in the Austin area. This additional guidance ensures a smooth transition and provides valuable assistance in Olive's continued growth and development.

If you're ready to welcome an incredible companion into your life, Olive is eagerly waiting to embark on new adventures with you. Open your heart and home to this remarkable husky mix, and be prepared for a lifetime of love, loyalty, and joyful moments together.