Maxine – Adopted


Gender: Female
Breed: Lhaso Apso mix
Age: 4 year old
Weight: 6 lbs


If you're seeking a serene and undemanding companion to brighten your life, look no further than Maxine.

Maxine is a resilient and gentle Lhasa Apso mix who has captured our hearts with her serene and contented nature. Maxine's journey has been one of challenges, as she entered our rescue completely blind, and to alleviate her pain, our vet had remove both her eyes.

Despite the hurdles she has faced, Maxine remains a sweet and undemanding girl, finding comfort in a soft bed where she can peacefully snooze away. She has proven to be a well-behaved companion, riding calmly in the car and keeping her living space clean by not having any potty accidents when taken out regularly.

Maxine cherishes the simple joys of life, finding solace in the presence of a caring human. She loves sitting close to you, snuggling on the couch, and experiencing the warmth of your affection. Her calm and reserved demeanor may make her seem unnoticeable at times, but her presence is a source of tranquility and comfort.