Gender: Female
Breed: Shar Pei/Lab Mix
Age: 3 years
Weight: 38 lb


My name is Melissa. My owner died leaving me and 22 other dogs (all Shar Pei mixes) alone on a property for days. He loved us but we were very neglected due to how many dogs he had.  Animal Control brought us to a shelter that euthanized four of my friends immediately and gave the rest of us only a 72 hour deadline to be rescued or killed.  I knew I had to get out of the shelter and I begged New Hope through my frantic whimpers to take me when they arrived. When they opened my kennel, I fell right into their arms and from that moment, I knew I was safe. They could see past my disability and just saw how sweet, loving and loyal I am. They also knew I was one of the most "at risk" dogs on the euthanasia list just simply due to my legs.

My back legs have a skeletal deformity due to suspected inbreeding.  See dad didn’t have access to low cost spay/neuter in his county, so things just got a little out of control and he didn’t know how to ask for help. I myself have had puppies in the past. Several of us that arrived at the shelter also had these skeletal issues.  But the great news is that the vet says I’m a happy girl who doesn’t even know I’m different from other dogs. The vet doesn’t think I’m in any pain.  I’m currently fostered with dogs and cats. I crave lots of human love and affection. Having come from a situation where I likely lived mostly outside, I’m slowly understanding the comforts of a loving home and seek love and reassurance.  I know there is someone with a big heart out there for me.  Could it be you?

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