Gender: Male
Breed: Lab/Shepard mix
Age: 1 year
Weight: 80 lbs
Kid friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Unknown

My name is Milo.  My family was crying when they brought be to the shelter as they explained to the shelter staff that the new landlord said I was too big for the apartment.  My family had me since I was a puppy and treated me well, so I was very confused and sad as I watched them leave.   The shelter staff told New Hope that I was crying in my kennel, so they scooped me up and now I’m enjoying life in my foster home. I already know how to sit and shake hands!  My foster dad calls me “Goofy” because I’m just a big, dopey, sweet pup!  I’m very food motivated and seem like  I have a lot of energy and enjoy playing with other dogs of all sizes and formerly lived with a very small dog and kids.   I would love a big, fenced yard to run and play in and another dog friend to play with would be a dream come true!   I have a lot of energy but do not have a mean bone in my body - I’m just a big, happy, hunk of love!

I look for direction from my person and would love to have a job or help you in any way I can. I'm still learning what makes people happy but I just love people, all people and want to be near you in case you need me or want to pet me.