Rita Mae-Heading to Michigan!


Gender: Female
Breed: Black Lab Mix
Age: 3 years
Weight: 75 lb


Rita Mae is an absolute gem, a 75-pound bundle of love wrapped in a sleek black coat. She's estimated to be around 3 years old and is the epitome of affection and charm.

One of her favorite things in the world is running in the yard with her doggy pals. In less than two weeks, she's already forged a strong friendship with Gemma, a New Hope Foster, proving that she's not just a wonderful companion to humans but also to her furry buddies.

Indoors, Rita Mae is the picture of calm and laid-back. She's equally content lounging on the couch, snuggling up on the bed, or simply resting on the floor. She's got a "go with the flow" attitude and respects the house rules without fuss.

At the mere mention of her name, Rita Mae springs to life with enthusiastic tail wags, ready to offer up her belly for those irresistible belly rubs. She's a true people-pleaser, and her joy is infectious.

Rita Mae is a champ when it comes to crate training and is well on her way to mastering leash walking. She's a quick learner with a heart full of willingness to please.

It's clear that Rita Mae has had her share of challenges, as evidenced by her previous life, where she had a few litters before being abandoned at a rural grocery store with her adolescent pups. But that's all in the past now, and Rita Mae is ready to embrace a future filled with love, joy, and endless fun.

She's up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed, dewormed, heartworm-negative, and microchipped, all ready to embark on her journey to find a forever home filled with warmth and happiness.

If you're looking for a loyal, affectionate, and spirited companion, Rita Mae might just be the perfect match for you. Let's make her dream of a loving forever home a reality!

Note about the breed: The indicated breed is our best estimate based on visual characteristics, but without a DNA test, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, mixed-breed dogs, lovingly known as mutts, encompass a wonderful variety of traits and are often some of the most cherished and lovable companions.

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