Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 2 years old
Weight:  6 lbs


Webster is a sensitive little nugget who will need some time to learn that you are his friend. This is understandable because Webster came from a hoarding situation where 69 dogs were on a property and were rescued after their owner died. Some of the dogs on the property had never been outside or seen sunlight while countless others had never been inside.Webster is very dog and cat social but he was not handled much by humans in the home he came from. Despite this, he has warmed up to his foster mom. He sleeps by her bed and follows her around the house. He excitedly licks and gently nibbles her fingers and the back of her legs. If she reaches for a pet, he still scampers off so Webster is still getting use to being picked up and pet. He will need a patient adopter who will understand that he will need some patience and time to grow his confidence around human affection. But once Webster is picked up, he does cling to you. He might be scared, but he's not looking for any drama. A very secure yard for Webster will be very important since he is so small. Webster does great going on pee pads too. Once Webster is feeling safe and secure we just know his sweet, adorable personality will shine. He loves giving kisses to his dog and cat friends! And just loves playing with toys.

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