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Gender: Male:
Breed: Lab/Shepard mix
Age: 1 year
Weight: 80 lbs
Kid friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Unknown

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This is Milo.  Milo's first family had him since he was a puppy and treated him well, however he grew to be too large for their small space. So instead of training him to become calmer and a properly behaved companion and lifelong friend, they decided instead to give him up and leave him alone, confused and sad at the shelter.

He howled after them, but they did not come back. He was very confused and heartbroken, not understanding what he did wrong when he gave them so much love and companionship.

Seeing his anguish, we snached him up. We knew he deserved better.

Milo is currently with a foster where he gets lots of attention but also training and has adjusted beautifully.  He interacts perfectly with the other 4 dogs in the house (all sizes).
He is happiest being close to his human and is constantly looking for direction and waiting for the next job. He is an absolutely the best walking, jogging, running or hiking partner.

He is girthy and he doesn't know his size. Loves to curl up next to his person (tries to curl up on lap too).

Milo would be perfect dog for an active person (man or woman) that can continue to train him and give him reassurance that he will not be abandoned again. He would also be great with an active family, with someone that can be there with and for him.

Milo would also be a fantastic service or helper dog. He is already receiving some basic training with service capability in mind.

It's not his fault that he grew to be a larger dog than the family expected. But everyday he continues to love life and gives everyone he meets so much joy.

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