Gender: Female
Breed: Catahoula/Terrier Mix
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Weight:  30 lbs


Birdie is a fun, loving, energetic dog who aims to please people. When you tell her she’s a “good girl” her face lights up and short little tail wags uncontrollably! She enjoys sleeping next to her humans but especially small kiddos. Birdie walks great on a leash and does not jump up on people, and does not jump on furniture unless invited. She is also content to spend time in her crate but is just as comfortable uncreated even when left alone.

She does enjoy licking faces but will politely stop if asked. Birdie really enjoys outdoor activities with her humans! She loves walks, running around outside, rolling in the grass and swimming! Birdie would love a home with an active family or individual. She would love a swimming so a pool or a human that would take her on adventure outings where she has access to water!

Although it's too early to tell what her true personality is like, (since Birdie is so new to us), it seems she would benefit having a human companion who loves outdoors and is active, or someone committed to fulfilling her natural abilities and needs.

She seems to be very athletic, smart and quick to learn. Agility course outings, hunting games training, search and rescue, all seem within her capability.

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