Gender: Female
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Age: 1 year old
Weight:  43 lbs


Our shiny, new Penny is a “badass" in her foster’s eyes, but in the sweetest, most people pleasing way possible.   Her foster rescued her from the back of an animal control vehicle after she was betrayed by her owner.  Despite the huge laceration on her leg, she was sweet, gentle and cooperative as they tried to bandage her wound.  So grateful to have been rescued, Penny has maintained that loving demeanor and will do anything for your cuddles.

Penny has so much potential and is a quick learner who aims to please her human and is highly motivated by treats and toys. She has already mastered the crate and “sit” and is working on “shake”.

Penny is currently fostered with another dog and cats and loves them all and would likely do ok with kids as well.  She has high puppy energy balanced with proficiency in taking long dog naps!  She aims to please in every way, so her foster feels that she matches her energy level to her human.

Penny will thrive in any household where she’s shown love and affection. Her zest to play will make her a great dog for a house with children, or with someone will take her on adventures outdoors. Until her wound is fully healed, she’s unable to swim but her foster suspects that she will be a dog that loves the water as well.

This sweet girl is so appreciative to be given a second chance and is ready to make great memories with her forever person.

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