Gender: Female
Breed: Lhasa apso mix
Age: 12 years old
Weight:  12 lbs


Buggs will win you over with her loyalty and long gazes into your eyes.  She just wants to be your most trusted companion. She wants to be near you, like laying at your feet while you work but respects your personal space.  She won’t shower you with kisses but will hug you often with her eyes as she seeks your approval.

Buggs is a fiercely loyal and sweet, female Lhaso Apso mix. This 12 year old nugget's personality continues to blossom as she learns she is safe and we are starting to learn she has a spunky, goofy side. Buggs can hang with the cats [once even tolerating being mounted by one before foster mom intervened!] and she can hang with the snippy chihuahuas and the hyper pitties. She is a peace keeper, always keeping an eye on what the others fur kids are up to and always looking to her human for approval. While she co-exists and sleeps close to her fur friends, being your loyal best friend his her primary goal.

Buggs wants to be your guardian and protector but needs an adopter who will teach her that the roles are actually reversed!

She has a mighty little bark but only barks with purpose which is usually to tell you there is a visitor at the door, that she needs to go outside to potty or that she wants you to let her into a room.  She’s otherwise quiet and calm.  So don’t miss out on this wonderful pup!  Submit an application to meet her today!