Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Age: 2 years old
Weight: 10 lbs


Bunny’s owners neglected her and then refused to pick her up at the shelter where she was turned in as a stray. While Bunny was shaking in fear at the shelter, she quickly acclimated to her foster home where she feels safe and is fostered with other dogs. We know her prior owner had children and while in foster, she has welcomed affection from visiting children. Bunny’s foster says she’s super friendly and snuggly, and is very quiet and doesn’t bark much and is doing great with the other dogs, but she gets along best with calm dogs. Bunny does needs to be fed in a separate area from other dogs, as she has shown some food guarding behavior (a little growling when the food is put). She enjoys snatching house slippers and running around the house with them. She likes to be right next to you or in the same room and loves tossing and playing with toys, and will always jump up to greet you. She loves to lick your ankles and calves when she's following you around, and she loves to rest her head on your heart.

While she can be mouthy when playing or hyper excited, she does not bite hard. She also gets excited licking her human and licks will escalate to big, toothy opened mouth kisses but she is gentle. Bunny can be territorial of her human's lap when other dogs come around, so she needs an adopter who will reinforce the boundaries her foster is setting. Bunny is mostly potty trained but does have a habit of pooping on shaggy bathroom rugs, but not on regular carpeting. Bunny was forced to live outside her whole life, so a little confusion is to be expected.

Poor Bunny has heartworms and we are treating her skin issue (not contagious). Both of these conditions come from being neglected so we are grateful that she is now in our care so she can receive medical treatment. Bunny’s fur is already growing back and she can continue her Heartworm Treatment in her adopter’s home, which is sponsored by New Hope Animal Rescue.

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