Paisley – ADOPTED


Gender: Female (pseudohermaphrodite)
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 14 months old
Weight: 45 lbs


My name is Paisley and I'm a 14 month old border collie mix. I’m a sweet girl who has lived with kids and other dogs. I first arrived at a shelter as a stray when I was 6 months old with an injured leg and an imbedded bb in my stomach and very underweight, so people haven’t always been kind to me. Despite that, I’m super sweet! I was adopted and thought I found my perfect family but their other dog attacked me a few times and my new dad said his allergic reactions were too severe to keep me. I swear I’m a good girl and did nothing wrong.

I’m gentle but not timid. I’m not super hyper, but I do like to play and can dart out the front door if you aren’ careful. I’m content to lay near you and while I can be affectionate, I’m not all up in your face. I like chew toys, but I like one or two favorites and don’t demand a ton. I was trained by my first adopter not to get on the couch. I will ask for your attention by pawing at you. I sleep well in a crate but will break out of a wire crate if you leave me alone during the day.

I'm house trained but I will quietly stand by the door when I need to go out and won't bark. So if you don't see me and I really gotta' go, I may have an accident.

I love kids but if they get me riled up, I will chase and nip, so a home where kids are shown how to properly interact with me is important or maybe a home with older kids would be best. I have never bitten anyone but I am still a very young dog who can be mouthy.

My last mom described me as a lovable, fluffy dog and they said I’m very smart and trainable.

Also, something very rare and unique about me is that I'm a pseudohermaphrodite which is super uncommon. I'm a female with male parts as well. It's not very noticeable. It just makes me unique!

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