Gender: Male
Breed: Catahoula/Pit mix
Age: Est D.O.B Dec 21, 2021
Weight:  55-80 lbs full grown [estimate]


Hello world! My name's Cheeze, but my foster family also calls me Nacho Cheeze, Baby Dog, Chee-Chee, Poopy Paws and Cheeze-It. 😂

My mellow personality and calm demeanor makes me a favorite with my foster kids - they are low-key obsessed with me. While my brother Mac is bigger, stronger and more outgoing than me, I'm learning that I can be the star of the show too! I have a true passion for snuggling, but I'm always up for some zoomies around the backyard or a game of tug. I'm looking for a human companion who will help me grow my confidence with lots of love, play and head scratches!

From Cheeze's foster mom: Cheeze is an old soul with such a loving, gentle personality! He has the sweetest speckling across his face and a very unique coloring that seems to change a little every day. He is curious and playful with my larger, older resident dogs but he prefers slower introductions to build up his confidence.

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