Gender: Male
Breed: Catahoula/Pit mix
Age: Est D.O.B Dec 21, 2021
Weight:  55-80 lbs full grown [estimate]


Hello world! My name's Mac, but my foster family also calls me Mac Daddy, Macaroni, Cutie Pie, Poopy Paws and Mac-Muffin. I'm loving life at my foster home and I currently spend my days chewing (mostly toys 😉), playing with my brother and daydreaming about my next meal 🐷. They say I'm a real "social butterfly", whatever that means. I love following my bigger, older dog-siblings around and, although they are playing hard to get, I'll never give up trying to play with them! There's also a furry alien "cat" living here that smells weird but seems cool... I wouldn't mind if my forever family had other dogs, cats or kiddos!

From Mac's foster mom: Mac packs a lot of personality into such a young pup! He is an outgoing, lovable little ball of perfect puppy energy and I think he would fit best with someone who can keep him active and provide opportunities for socialization.

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