Doc Earl-Adopted


Gender: Male
Breed: Bluetick Coonhound
Age: 12 years
Weight: 50 lbs


Looking for a chill, calm companion? Doc Earl might be your boy! In fact, he used to be a working dog living on a ranch but didn’t like chasing Mountain Lions or other pesky critters, so that’s how he eventually made his way to our rescue. Doc Earl would rather mosey around sniffing the ground and make new animal friends along the way, including cats! Retired from ranch life, Doc wants what every dog wants: a safe and comfortable home where he can be loved.

Doc Earl loves meeting new people and is dog social and is gentle with his cat friends. He does not pull on his leash and will come when you call him. A lover a comfy dog beds, if he can’t find one, he will curl his body up as tight as he can to squeeze into a tiny cat bed.

Doc doesn’t seem to want to get on a couch, even when invited. He doesn’t bark but when he gets excited, he has adorable hound dog honk that probably use to be more like a howl in his younger days. He does fine in a crate as long as a plush dog bed is provided.

He loves receiving affection and being around people. Living his whole life outside until now, he has the occasional accident by the door if it’s been too long between potty breaks but who can blame him? He will no doubt do great in a home with a more regular schedule and routine.

Doc doesn’t hear like he use to so can sometimes get startled if you approach him from behind, but once he sees you are there he is all tail wags.

So if you are looking for a happy, calm dog that gets along with other pets and people, we hope you will consider Earl! Earl has lived his whole life outside until now and he deserves to enjoy all the comforts of a home for the remainder of his golden years.