Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Age: 3 year old
Weight: 11.7 lbs


Frankie is an affectionate lady looking for love! Frankie will lay on your chest and stare soulfully into your eyes as long as you will let her and will offer you the most gentle kisses.

Frankie loves playing with her sister (or possibly daughter) Grace so might enjoy a home with a playmate.  She sometimes chases the cats in her foster home but never hurts them.  She is learning to tolerate the crate but will protest a bit if you are also in the room and she wants out. However, put a comfy bed in her crate and she will go in on her own for some nap time.  She loves sleeping in bed with her foster mom and is definitely a lap dog who will soak up any affection you have to offer. She isn’t able to jump onto the couch or bed on her own but will beg to be picked up.  Frankie is such a good listener and is eager for someone to teach her some skills and tricks!

This sweet girl is very much has a caretaker spirit as she raised 5 babies who sadly passed away one by one from the distemper that they had been exposed to at the shelter we rescued them from. She worked round the clock including over night along side her human foster mom to care for them the the only way she could - to comfort them and lick them and stay snuggled close so they knew they were loved as the disease progressed.  And when her human foster mom was grieving this loss, Frankie was an amazing comfort to her as well and was very in tune to her emotions. Now it’s Frankie’s turn to know that she deserves all that unconditional love too and find a human she can trust to never abandon her.

Frankie’s Rescue Story: Grace and Frankie have a unique and sad story, and it’s time for their happy ending.  They were found in a box with 3 newborn puppies.  Once they were taken to a shelter near the border, 2 more puppies were born.  No one ever knew whose puppies belonged to who but it didn’t matter to Grace and Frankie who worked as a team to nurse them and care for them.  They suffered a heartbreaking loss when their puppies broke with distemper symptoms four weeks later. They worked right along side their human foster mom to care for and comfort their babies and it was so confusing to them to lose them one by one.

Will we adopt Frankie and Gracie out together? That depends on you.  They both need someone one on one training [mostly around potty manners], which is more challenging with two dogs versus one. But keeping them together after what they have been through would definitely be a dream come true.  While they love each other dearly, they also crave one on one human attention so  they might thrive if placed separately as well.