Gender: Male
Breed: Landseer Newfoundland
Weight: 109 lbs


My name is Gully. My owners fell on hard times and couldn't care for me anymore. I'm a male Landseer Newfie. I lost my leg after a car hit me and it was amputated but I get around just great on 3 legs. Just like a typical newfie, I'm sweet, loving and gentle. I would do best with someone who wants me to be a part of the family and who understands the expenses that come with owning a larger dog.

Newfoundlands can weigh up to 150 lbs but are gentle giants who are known to be calm, trusting and trainable with gentle guidance. They are usually laid-back, good with children but can be messy at the water bowl due to their jowls, so a Newfie owner should be tolerant of pet mess. They LOVE swimming and since they are protective by nature, they are even used in water rescue. A pet this size comes with obvious challenges, including more expensive vet care and they do require a great deal of grooming.

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