Kermie -Adopted


Gender: Male
Breed: English Shepherd / Rottweiler mix
Age: 6 months old
Weight: 20 lbs


Kermie's journey began in an overcrowded shelter, where his fate was uncertain. But fate had something special in store for this warm-hearted and affectionate puppy. His path intersected with a loving foster family, and from the moment they met, it was clear that Kermie was meant to be a part of their lives.

From the very start, Kermie showed his remarkable qualities. Despite his young age, he surprised everyone by demonstrating impeccable house training skills, a rare and delightful trait in a puppy. His foster family couldn't help but be smitten by his charm and the instant connection they felt.

Kermie brings the perfect balance of puppy energy to the household. He's a bundle of joy who loves to play and radiates happiness wherever he goes. However, his gentle and submissive nature makes him incredibly considerate of other dogs' boundaries. He's a true canine diplomat, knowing exactly when to engage in play and when to give his fellow furry friends their space.

When it comes to cats, Kermie's emotions vary from nervousness to indifference, while the cats themselves seem to find his presence rather agreeable. His interactions with the feline members of the household are harmonious, creating a peaceful coexistence.

But perhaps one of Kermie's most heartwarming connections is with the 10-year-old human child in his foster family. He understands the need to be gentle and patient, especially when little ones are around. His innate ability to gauge the energy levels around him showcases his adaptability and intelligence.

Kermie's journey is one of transformation and resilience. From a crowded shelter to a loving foster home, he's proven himself to be an embodiment of unconditional love and companionship. With his versatile nature and the love he pours into every interaction, Kermie is poised to be an amazing addition to any home.

Are you ready to embrace the warmth of Kermie's affection and witness the magic he brings to everyday life? Consider opening your heart and home to this remarkable puppy who's eagerly waiting to become a cherished member of your family.

Note about the breed: The indicated breed is our best estimate based on visual characteristics, but without a DNA test, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, mixed-breed dogs, lovingly known as mutts, encompass a wonderful variety of traits and are often some of the most cherished and lovable companions.

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