Gender: Male
Breed: Yellow Lab mix
Age: 4.5 year old
Weight: 75 lbs


Kona is very loving, playful and house-trained pup who enjoys belly rubs and snuggles. He thrives on love and lots of (proper) human attention. He loves to play fetch and is trained to sleep in a crate at night and knows some basic commands but is eager to learn more. He has never been destructive when left uncrated.

He would do great with someone who can provide him with either focused attention or an active owners who enjoys long walks, jogs or hikes, and of course someone who will play lots of fetch in the yard. Kona would do great with a strong, confident leader, someone who is willing to learn her needs and then work to fulfill them.

Kona is currently living with a toddler and another dog.

Kona is a type of dog that will do best with more discipline than coddling, but he is a fantastic, fun and loving dog that is sure to make a great life companion for anyone willing to put in little work and emotional commitment.

About the breed:

Yellow labs are America's most popular breed. Labs are friendly, outgoing, intelligent, enthusiastic and loyal, but most importantly they can be very fun to own.

As friendly as they may be, they need fair amount stimulation to prevent them from getting bored. A bored lab can get hyperactive, destructive or pick up other bad habits, such as guarding (food, toys, people etc).

They are easy to please as long as the owner spends some dedicated time to interact with them (letting dogs just run around the backyard is not considered interacting, and it will not satisfy a breed like a lab).

Noter: Without a DNA test, we can only guess at the breed of our dogs. The physical characteristics seem to suggest a Yellow Lab mix, but this can only be confirmed by science.