Sex: Male
Breed: Yellow Lab mix
Age: 4.5 year old
Weight: 75 lbs

Meet Kona, your future best friend and adventure buddy, all bundled up in a fur coat!

Kona is the whole package - loving, playful, and impeccably house-trained. Belly rubs and snuggles? His specialty! He thrives on affection and human attention.

This pup isn't just a cuddle champion; he's a fetch fanatic! He's already got a gold star in crate sleeping and some basic commands under his furry belt, but he's eager for more learning adventures. Plus, the best part - he's never been the mischievous type when left to his own devices.

Kona is like a high-energy athlete ready for action. If you're an active soul who enjoys long walks, jogs, hikes, and endless games of fetch, Kona is your dream partner in crime. He's looking for a strong, confident leader who understands his needs and is ready to embark on a journey of mutual fulfillment.

Not only is Kona great with kids in his current home, he his favorite human is a toddler and he loves to give her kisses. He's a fantastic, fun-loving companion who will reward your little bit of work and emotional commitment with a lifetime of loyalty and adventure.

Kona is an absolute delight, but he's got a tiny quirk to his personality - he's currently learning about sharing. Due to some resource guarding behaviors towards another dog in his current home, we're recommending that, for the time being, Kona enjoys the spotlight as your only four-legged companion. 

But here's the good news - Kona's like a blank canvas, ready for some positive brushstrokes! We firmly believe that with the right training and guidance, this behavior can be smoothed out. It's a fairly new development, and we're optimistic that with a bit of love and patience, Kona can have another best dog friend again someday.

For now, though, it's just you and Kona, embarking on a journey of companionship and adventure. He's eager to be the center of your world and create countless memorable moments together.

*This is a courtesy posting and we would put you in direct touch with Kona's guardians to learn more.

About the breed:

Yellow labs are America's most popular breed. Labs are friendly, outgoing, intelligent, enthusiastic and loyal, but most importantly they can be very fun to own.

As friendly as they may be, they need fair amount stimulation to prevent them from getting bored. A bored lab can get hyperactive, destructive or pick up other bad habits, such as guarding (food, toys, people etc).

They are easy to please as long as the owner spends some dedicated time to interact with them (letting dogs just run around the backyard is not considered interacting, and it will not satisfy a breed like a lab).

Noter: Without a DNA test, we can only guess at the breed of our dogs. The physical characteristics seem to suggest a Yellow Lab mix, but this can only be confirmed by science.