Loki – Heeler Puppy – ADOPTED


Gender; Male
Breed: Heeler
Age: 6 months
Weight: TBD
FG Size: Medium


Message from Loki: My brother and I were found abandoned on a country road with no houses for miles and miles and no one came looking for us at the shelter. We don’t know how we ended up there but we are so happy to be safe in our foster home. I have lived with small kids, cats and other dogs. I love to play with other dogs, enjoy games of tug of war and love car rides! I sleep well at night in my crate and I’m trained to ring a bell when I need to go out to potty or if I just want to go out and play! I have a lot of energy so I need to be with a family who will run and play with me. I do sometimes did holes in the yard - it’s so fun! I am very sweet and very smart. My ideal home will have another dog who wants a playmate or a home who will also adopt my brother Thor!

Message from us: Blue Heelers are known for their herding ability and protectiveness. They make great guard dogs, and so you and will be alerted if anyone walks by your house.

Heelers also have a natural drive to herd. As their name suggests, Blue Heelers (and Australian Cattle Dogs) were bred to nip at the heels of the farm animals to keep them in check, so it's not surprising that they like to do the same to people and other dogs.

However, they rely on direction from their humans and will look to you for commands and approvals - but if none are given, they will follow and give in to their instincts. Therefore, obedience training and an outlet for their natural drive is strongly recommended.

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