Gender: Female
Breed: Beagle mix
Age: 1-2 year old
Weight: 20 lbs


If you are looking for a dog who can easily transition into a new dog [and even cat] pack, look no further than sweet Puppers!

Puppers is immediately at ease around new animals and thrives in their presence. Puppers gets along wonderfully with other dogs in her foster home, and although she's eager to cuddle with cats, she respects their boundaries. She is also drama free, respecting boundaries or corrections from other dogs. Puppers has been to adoption events with other dogs and has been babysat by other foster families with dogs, and it's clear she just loves to be around other dogs.

Puppers is also fostered with kids aged 9 and up and shows a gentle mouth and great tolerance towards people once she's settled into a home. This adorable and playful girl loves carrying socks and slippers around, and she enjoys having toys and chew items to keep her happy and active.

While she takes longer to warm up to people, the presence of other animals helps her feel secure and warm up more quickly, so if you have a dog, she will be joining you on the couch and offering you a kiss on your hand and will be sleeping at your feet pretty quickly! While Puppers is shy and needs time to adjust, she has never ever been snappy - she is sweet as can be even if she's feeling unsure.

However, Puppers has come a long way from being completely shut down. She will approach new people, wagging her tail and happily taking treats from them. While it may take a few weeks for her to fully open up, she's definitely worth the wait. Puppers is leash-trained and ready for outings with her new family. She is house trained, but is currently use to a doggy door.

Because Puppers loves the company of other dogs and even cats, she would prefer a home with other animals she can play with. If you're seeking a furry companion as a playmate for your current pets, Puppers will will bring joy, love, and lots of cuddles to both them and YOU! Give her a chance, and she'll fill your home with happiness and warmth.

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