Gender: Female
Breed: Beagle mix
Age: 1-2 year old
Weight: 20 lbs


"She is my best cuddle bug. She really loves animals and other people". - Puppers foster mom
Puppers is so sweet she even has heart markings on her back!  This goofy girl will carry a sock or slipper around and loves to have toys and things to chew on like any happy puppy and is very active.
She is doing great with the other dogs in her foster home and would probably cuddle with the cats if they would let her.  Puppers is currently fostered with kids age 9 and up, and we think she would do ok with younger children as she has the most gentle mouth and is vey tolerant of people once she has been given time to settle into a home.
She has made amazing progress with leash training. Once afraid to leave the house, she now goes on short walks with her foster mom. With consistency, we think Puppers can enjoy long walks very soon!
Puppers went from being completely shut down to now walking up to new people wagging her tail and will take a treat from them.  It might take a few weeks in a new home before she is down to full on cuddle but she is worth the wait!
Puppers loves other dogs and even cats and probably prefers a home with other animals. However, if the RIGHT person could give her a wonderful life and commits time to playing with her and training her, then we think that would be fine. Just know she will take a little longer than most other dogs to show you her true self and needs patience.

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