Gender: Female
Breed: Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix
Age: Born Dec 2 2019



I was born on December 2 2019 after my mama was rescued from a kill shelter. I was adopted when I was just a few months old but was returned through no fault of my own. The good news is my prior adopter is sharing some note about me with you! I love to be the center of attention like all puppies but I promise I'm a good girl.

My prior adopter says I walk well on leash, and I know commands like "sit", "kennel", and am still working on "place" but I do understand fairly well. I'm playful and love Frisbee, cuddling and sleeping at your feet. I had two weeks of stay and train at a dog trainer and am house trained. I was good with the one year old I used to live with!

Despite my size, I'm still just a puppy (5 months) and am mouthy due to being just a baby still, so keep that in mind if you have young kiddos.

I would love a doggy playmate or a big yard to run.

About the Breed

Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix makes for a large dog that does well in cold weather but is adaptable. Generally have friendly disposition that should do well with other animals. They prefer to being in a pack and close to you, so it may take some training when planning on leaving them alone for an extended period of time.

Plan on taking her for extremely long walks and hikes to keep her energy level down. The exercise will keep her from being destructive. A tired dog is a good dog.

A training regiment is recommended as these type of dogs are very intelligent. Firm handling and strong leadership with positive reinforcement.

As with all mix breeds, the dog will have their own personality and are unique, which is what we love about them.