Sex:  Female
Looks Like: Australian Kelpie Mix 
Age: Estimated DOB 3.8.24
Weight: 15 lbs on 5.9.24

Note about the breed: The indicated breed is our best guess estimate based on visual characteristics, but without a DNA test, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, mixed-breed dogs, lovingly known as mutts, encompass a wonderful variety of traits and are often some of the most cherished and lovable companions.


Meet Rosebunny, a delightful puppy rescued as an orphaned bottle baby. This spirited pup is chocolate brown with caramel cream markings, distinctive bunny-like ears, and enchanting blue eyes that reflect her keen intelligence and lively nature! A dog breed app is suggesting to us that she is 62-82% Australian Kelpie and possibly mixed with Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

From her early days, the suggestion of her being a possible Kelpie mix is in line with what we have seen with her intelligence. Rosebunny has shown an incredible eagerness to learn and bond with humans. She's mastered the sit command and is making great strides in her potty training, comfortably sleeping through the night. Her intuitive nature, sometimes independent spirit and responsiveness to positive reinforcement, mouthy play and sometimes even vocalizations seem to align with characteristics of the Kelpie breed.

As such, Rosebunny will likely continue to thrive with an adopter that will provide her with ongoing physical and mental challenges. She's ideally suited to a single-family home with a secure yard and older children (ages ten and up), where she can safely express her herding instincts without overwhelming younger children or even older pets.  Her playful nipping and herding behaviors are gentle reminders of her breed's traits and she would love another playful companion to match her energy!

Rosebunny is very pet social, getting along splendidly with other dogs and respecting cats, making her a great candidate for a home with other pets but note, that she will likely try to herd them if we are right about her primary breed.  However, her  foster family notes her submissive and respectful nature, which balances her lively spirit.

Rosebunny  is looking for an adopter or family that will appreciate her breed’s characteristics and can provide ample opportunities for physical and mental activities to help channel her energy and intelligence constructively to ensure she grows into a well-adjusted and joyful companion, ready to share her love and vibrant energy with her forever family!  Despite her love of play time and learning new skills, Rosebunny will be down to relax and cuddle if she’s had a day of mental and physical enrichment.  So don’t rule out Netflix and chill time with her - she will snuggle and share popcorn!

Australian Kelpies are very intuitive and respond exceptionally well to positive reinforcement training. Their herding instincts make them deeply affectionate and protective, especially with children, though they require diligent training to manage these impulses effectively. Kelpies  excel in activities that stimulate both their mind and body, such as trick training, swimming, agility courses, hiking, and other canine sports. These activities not only keep them engaged but also harness their energy positively.  Rosebunny is a mix, but here is an overview of Kelpie’s. They are not suited for apartments or condo living.

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